Change of Heart

It's something I don't often talk about around here, my faith. But I'm realizing that's a problem. It defines my life. Defines who I am. I'll start by saying that I believe in the Living God. One and only. He has drastically changed every aspect of my life, led my way, and shown me an incredible satisfaction in who I am, where I am and what I have. Something that doesn't quite fit in to a fashion blog. Coming back from my recent trip to Uganda, I've struggled in every way imaginable. Missing the people. Missing the country. Missing the incredible passion for a spirit-filled life that just doesn't exist in America. And it's all bringing me to the conclusion that my heart is changed and I'll never be the same. Ever.

My days are spent like never before. My desires are almost backward. And I crave the same for every person that I love. For every person that I see. God is incredible. God is good. And God has a spectacular plan. When I left Uganda, I knew I was going back. Not when or how, but I knew. After only being back for a month, I'm already on track to go back and the Lord has confirmed this path for me over and over.

All that being said, I came to the realization a few nights ago that I will most likely be poor(financially) and somewhat homeless for the rest of my life. Whether here, in Africa, or wherever else God leads, my heart is in missions and I can't imagine anything holding me back from that. And guess what. It costs a lot. I've stated before that I've never had a boyfriend/relationship and I now know that it's because I was created for something more. If I have that, I'll find it in a man with a heart for missions as well. My desire isn't for a husband who provides financially, but spiritually.

I know this is probably starting to feel like my own personal journal, but bare with me. This is ALL to say that I've changed and so has my blog. This isn't a fashion blog any longer. Sure, I'd love to share clothes and fun ideas from time to time. But the focus is now on who I really am. Who I really love. What I really care about. I hope you'll stay along for the ride!

xo, Bruklyn


Fair + Square said...


This post speaks directly into my own heart.
I am a long time reader of yours, and learning this about you today makes me so excited!
I am a Christian, and ALSO about to move to Africa early next year for a minimum of 6 months.
Honestly I never thought Id be one to head on missions trips, but I guess God has plans beyond our comprehension!
I will be praying for your adventure in Africa, that your heart would be changed to focus on God's glory in the work that you do there, and that you would cling to him.
You are right, he is good. So very good.

Bridget :)

Bruklyn Belle said...

That is so great! I'd love to email & chat about what you'll be doing/where you'll be :) I love your comment on focusing on God's glory. It's the only way to truly accomplish anything in life. Thanks so much for sharing! Praise the Lord for your willing heart!

xo, Bruklyn

Fair + Square said...

Hi again :)
I would absolutely love to chat about our respective trips! Its really nice to find someone else going through similar circumstances!

My email is: bridget_nicholas@hotmail.com

- Bridget

Jennifer E. Lindsay said...

What a beautiful post! It reminds me so much of how I feel and have felt since coming home. Praying for you as God moves forward in your life and leads you into all he has for you!