Lake Victoria

Hello all! I'll just start by saying that I can't even believe where I'm sitting right now. Returning to Uganda has already been (after 3 days) an incredible blessing. It seems there's so much to catch up on, but for now I'll give you a glimpse of a beautiful day of rest. On Saturday there was a leadership retreat at Lake Victoria. I've never been and it was such a treat! The lake covers 26,564 square miles and is absolutely gorgeous. Spending the afternoon and evening there I saw so many beautiful things, and got to spend some time getting to know Shalom and Shaddai. It was absolutely the best way to adjust to a new time zone and a very new way of life.

Since then, I think I've probably eaten every food they have here, learned a handful of words, done laundry by hand, one worship practice, ridden two boda-bodas, IMMUNIZED CHICKENS! I know probably tons of people do that at home, but I never have and it was 400 of them. It blew my mind. Overall, I feel as though I've been here a year, in a great way.  I can't wait to see where the Lord leads this awesome adventure, but I know His plans will absolutely stun me. Thank you all for your prayers and I hope to update you soon!

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katie said...

I love and miss you. Please don't feel the need to respond to this as I know your internet time is limited but I just wanted to drop you a line of encouragement and love. Thank you for sharing these photos and these short stories about your time. Keep writing down the little stories, keep sharing some photos, and keep taking all those opportunities that come your way (even if it's immunizing 400 chickens). You are doing what you are meant to do! We are going to watch the meteor shower tonight... Jenny talked us into it (big surprise).
Love you!