April Fools

Hello all! So, I know I literally JUST gone done blogging, but I had such a super great day I just had to share with you all! It started early this morning with a round of golf and lunch with my dad. I'm awful at golfing. Well... I can't say that yet... It was only my second time. BUT I wasn't great. Then we grabbed some lunch with my sister and I headed out for some thrifting. I, very quickly, got distracted by the gorgeous day and Noah and the Whale playing as I was driving around, and ended up on a very long drive in the middle of nowhere. All by myself. It was incredible.

While I was out on this little jaunt, Kala texted and invited me for another little trip with Christian out to Jacksonville for dinner and photo taking! It was such a blast! We went to this cute little place in Jacksonville called Jasper's. It's been there for ages and I haven't been since highschool. We got cheeseburgers with avocado and mango, sweet potato tots and a delicious chocolate chai malt. So tasty! Then headed out for photos. At this point it was getting a bit dark, so we only got to snap a few shots before finishing our night.

It was such a relaxing day, and a much needed one at that! Not at all stressful like a typical April Fools Day! Hope you all had a nice one as well :D

xo, Bruklyn

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Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

you two look darrrrrrrrrrling! I love that maxi dress you're wearing!