Photography Feature: Hannah King

Hello all! I've decided to share another collection of gorgeous photographs with you all! This sweetheart, Hannah King, is from the same area as myself. In fact, I purchased her old camera when I became more active in my Etsy shop. Her photos are absolutely stunning and there's such a beautiful variety in them, so i just had to show them off :)

See more of her photography here :)

xo, Bruklyn


terraworks said...

Hannah free spirit and love of nature shine through her photography. She is an amazing artist in this field as well as a beautiful person. Thank you for promoting this up and coming photographer.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

wow. those pictures are so beautiful! I wish I had a better eye for photography.

Anonymous said...

Hannah captures real reality and dreamy ethereal images. The viewer not only sees but feels the mood, the moment. I have a beautiful second life through Hannah's work.

S. Cambell said...

What beautiful images! And they're so positive and fresh :) What kind of camera were these pictures taken with?