Snow White

Hello all! Ages ago I announced that I'd be sharing my own vintage collection with you, and I've finally got my first piece here to share! This lovely dress always gets tucked back into my closet during the winter months, but it had to be one of the first I pulled out this spring. Kala and I headed out for a fun girl day in the sun and this was absolute perfection. We headed over to Ashland... just about 45 minutes away and a whole new world. It's so relaxed and comfortable, the perfect place to spend a lazy day. So we headed to a fun shop (that I'll tell you more about tomorrow), then to one of our favorite restaurants, Greenleaf.

After delicious soup and salad, we took a wonderful drive and searched for a beautiful place to take photos.

I absolutely LOVE this dress. I found it last year at a Goodwill salvage store and it fits like it was absolutely made for me. The yellow and blue floral print has such a French Provincial feel, but I also always feel like Snow White in it. Haha. When I was a little girl I dreamed of one day growing up and working at Disneyland as Snow White:) How things change...

After getting some delicious ice cream with a friend, we headed back home with a drive full of sme serious girl talk :) Hope everyone had a great, lazy Sunday!

xo, Bruklyn


Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

such the snow white!
great dress =) and the shoes soooo cute.

Caitlin said...

that dress & those shoes are gorgeous!

The Attic People said...

What a gorgeous dress... I love :)


EevvaStyle said...

love this outfit!