Day 30: Something I Miss

Can you guys believe this is Day 30 of my 30 day challenge?! It truly went by soooo quickly! Too bad I missed one stinking day. Haha. Well anyway, today's topic... something I miss. I think this has absolutely got to be the easiest topic yet. The second I heard it my inner voice cried out "I miss being organized!"

Growing up, I had to be the most organized person on earth. Like... OCD organized. Notebooks, tabs, highlighters, lists coming out of my ears... And somewhere along the way it got lost. I love the idea of being organized. I love making things organized. I love the way things look when they're organized. I just, somehow fail to keep things organized.

I want it back.

xo, Bruklyn

1 comment:

Nicky said...

The shot of the wooden boxes is rad! I wish I were organized... I appreciate it a lot and feel great when I do, but lack the "go to" sometimes!