Day 29: A Problem & Maxi Dresses

So here's my problem... I love maxi dresses with all my heart. And they look awful on me :( My short little legs just can't handle the length and I end up looking four feet tall. The only style that I can wear without tall heels is completely straight, all the way to my ankles, no tiers. Which I do love. I think it looks so sleek and actually makes me look taller. But I want to wear dresses like this...

[Dollybirds Vintage]

[Love Street Vintage]

[Kitten Teeth Vintage]

[Mon Desir Vintage]

Someday, perhaps my legs will grow and I'll get to wear them, but for now I'll just be jealous of all you lucky ladies who look great in them (ahem, Kala).

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Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

ohh but you can wear mini skirts with high heels and make your legs look super long :)
i love maxi's but i sometimes look like im wearing a maternity dress when i wear one haha