Day 28: Attractions

What attracts me to people? I'm unsure if this is referencing people in general or handsome boys, but thankfully it's essentially the same thing :) I love to meet people that teach me things. Whether artistic, scientific, or other, show me something new and you've captured me.

I know it must sound obvious to people anywhere other than where I live, but I'm very attracted to people not from here. I happen to live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I love to see new people around.

I love to meet people who are very different from myself. My best friends, for instance, although we have a lot of similarities, tend to be far more artistic and free spirited than I. I think I thrive on the creativity of other people. Haha. Obviously, I'm attracted to people who are similar to me. And, of course, there are many undefinable qualities that attract me to a person, but I'd say I covered the categories fairly well :)

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