Day 19: Disrespecting Your Parents


I don't know what this topic is asking of me? I think.... you should not.

So instead, since I happen to be a fashion blogger and not a mom and dad blogger, I thought I'd share one of my favorite Spring lines... Donna Karan Collection. I am constantly obsessed with light, airy and natural looking materials. Plus I am constantly wearing entirely black or the color of my skin, so I thought this was just stunning :)

Seriously. How stunning are those?! Good grief.


Sabrina O. said...

Gorgeous! Love the nude colors!

AdoreVintage.com said...

Oooo so heavenly, goodness! These remind me of the vintage 1930s dresses I saw at the Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo!


Markie said...

I love it!
Oh man... I wish I looked good in nude colors, girl. I would be all over that trend.