One Crazy Week

It has been a positively slammed week. I've had this unexplainable urge for change on absolutely every level. On Monday, I decided to paint my room. I mean... I've been wanting to for quite an amount of time. But I finally decided that I just couldn't handle waiting any more. So I began work. My entire room is wood paneling, so each wall has to be completely sanded. It's quite the project, but when I'm finished I'll have some great little ideas to share :)

I've also had this desire to dye my hair. It positively terrifies my because I used to be the queen of dyed and damaged hair and it's been over four years since my last dye-job! My hair is completely natural. Or should I say it was. Until last night. I tinted it with, what I think, is quite a nice color of red. Not really noticable unless I'm out in the sun. I did it last night with a wash out dye. Just to make sure that I like it before I really make the commitment. But I think I may actually like it and want to do the real thing! A semi-permanent, of course. But it's quite a decision for me to make.

In any case, today I had a fun day thrifting with my best friend, Kala Noel. We had a few great finds and I'll be spending my day tomorrow taking photos and adding a few things on Etsy :)

New hair color :)

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