Things I just SHOULDN'T be doing....

I have spent my last few nights doing things I positively should be doing anything but. See, I've been fighting a cold. Well, not officially fighting it, since I've been out every night and not getting enough sleep. I suppose I've just been hoping that by some miracle it wouldn't catch me.
In any case, today it caught me.

Last night I spent out with some friends. It began with walking around our little downtown area, which led to bowling, viewing Lost and eventually learning a few new songs with my best friend. After which, I went home and did taxes and crossword puzzles rather than going to sleep. I think it did me in.

Work today was quite long and boring, with few customers, but fortunately gave me the time to do some fun new beachy-themed window displays that I'll be able to share as soon as I get some photos taken. I came home to work on painting my room, but instead got sidetracked playing guitar. Which lead to painting ... on a canvas. Not my wall. I purchased a canvas last week that I've been dying to do something with. I just wasn't quite sure what. Well today it struck me and I had to begin work. Perhaps I'll share when it's finished? I'm unsure. I don't quite fancy myself a painter so it depends on how things turn out :)

Alas, I did some photo editing and added a few things to Etsy. Each of these shoes are $30. They're all very similar and are just the perfect Summer flats.

Well I am off for bed. Fingers crossed, I won't get distracted by anything on my way there!

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Robyn said...

Hope you feel better. I know the idea of wearing spring dresses and summer flats like these makes me feel better.