Cleaning Finds and Etsy Adds

Well, first of all, these are a couple of things that I just finished adding on Etsy...

And second, over the past two nights I have FINALLY gotten a fire under my butt to do something about my horrifically messy bedroom. I mean... an intense desire to get everything under control so that I can paint the entire thing :) Whilst cleaning, I was delighted to find quite a little list of treasures, my favorite being a little group of cameos that I purchased about two years ago for a friend's birthday. Unfortunatly, they came a bit too late and I ended up sewing her a purse with a fairly detailed cameo face - ultimately a much better present - and now I have these fun things to work with :) With the first one I made a ring that I am loving and have a feeling I will be wearing quite often :)

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Corrine Ava B. said...

How did you make the cameo into a ring?