Last night was a superb evening spent with my best friend, Kala Noel. We've been having troubles with our phone lines and credit machine at work, so we closed early for the day, and took a little jaunt to Medford, the nearest sense of civilization. We just made a couple of quick stops... first, shoe shopping and second, book shopping. Our friend/her roomie, Christian, was dying for this amazing book full of cityscapes. We then headed back into town for Celtic Folk show, but arriving in a very untimely fashion, decided to instead go to the post office and play some music. Something about playing music in a large and empty building feels fantastic. Here's a few photos of the night :)

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Jodes said...

oh, i've just found your blog and it's so lovely!
your style is adorable and your vintage finds are to die for!
can't wait to see and read more from you!