The Purpose in My Art

There are very few times, as a musician, that you truly feel like you're doing something meaningful with your art. For me, anyway, I tend to see the sea of singers, writers and seemingly millions of guitar players, and forget that I have a voice. That I have something valid to offer. The day I learned my first song, beginning to end, I thought I'd never learn anything else. The day I wrote my first song, I thought I'd hit my limit. The day I played my first show, I almost threw up and said I'd never do it again. The day I led worship for the first time, I knew it was why God gave me that skill. The most fulfilled I'd ever been in my art. Today I got that feeling again.

As I sat in the living room, guitar next to me, reading and conversating, I heard the boys outside on the porch. They're a rowdy bunch of boys that come over each day. They play futbol and tag until eventually, someone gets hurt and it's time to go home. But today they stood on the porch, looking in the window, listening to our every word. And then they spotted it. "Is that a piano?!" I couldn't help but laugh, but then I realized they were serious. They'd never seen one of these before. I asked them some questions... "Have you seen this? Have you heard this before?" The response was a choir of "No's". As I walked out onto the porch, they gathered 'round. I started with one of my absolute favorite worship songs, "Hosanna". They sat and stared, looking at me, looking inside the guitar, putting their ears on the strings. It was a beauty I'd never seen before. The look in their eyes was absolutely magical. The smiles on their faces were gleaming. As I finished the song they stood and cheered. One kept saying "Wow, wow!", while the others danced and laughed and begged for more. We sat out there for a good hour playing everything that came to mind, until they had to go home.

That experience... I don't think I could forget it. I don't know how I could look at myself, and my gift, and not see meaning. In each passion that God gives us, He plans such a unique way of using it, and I am so thankful for the times that I get to see that take place. I had to share this as my encouragement to take hold of your passions and use them for God's glory! He is prepared to bless you in every good work!

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Valerie Whitney said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story, a lovely piece of your life and experiences. We want to hear more...! :)