HUUUGE Shop Update (And Why It Took So Long To Get Home)

Hello all! Sorry it's been so long since I last blogged! I've been such a busy lady, but I'm glad to say, it's been for good reason :) I've been very diligent in Etsy keep up and figuring out some new settings on the website. First of all, I'll share why it took three days to get home from Chicago. It was absolutely bonkers. I've made a little map here for you... The grey line is what I was supposed to do. The red line is what I actually did...

We ended up stuck in Illinois an extra night, then spent ages in the Atlanta airport, finally leading us to Salt Lake City, where we had to stay another night. Let me tell you, I have never wanted to be home more! The first three listings here are my vintage finds on the trip. Not too much, but that wasn't exactly my priority :)

These final pictures are of a gal that I have been wanting to photograph for ages! Since the first moment I met her, she was just so sweet and adorable and I finally got the opportunity this evening whilst working on a fun little project with her. More on that later :)

Unfortunately, I'm far too sleepy to link all of these to their listings. Well... tonight anyway. So check out the shop over the next few days for all of the items you're interested in!

xo, Bruklyn

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Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I love the all red
the all white
the cute off white floral
okay...I love them all basically!

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