Day 2: Chicago

Hello all! My flight yesterday (the one that was delayed) ended up being cancelled and I had to stay overnight in Central Illinois. Yep, the only thing more boring than Bloomington, IL is Bloomington, IL in a hotel room. With no car to escape. So, once again, I have the time to blog my fun vacation! Saturday I got to spend an amazing day in Chicago. I would've loved to stay longer but we truly packed it out and made the most of every moment. It was such a blast!

*Forgive the touristy photos. I wish I could've taken more, but my sis is just not a picture girl (taking or posing) and we pretty much only stopped for must take pictures.*

We started out the day with a good amount of walking downtown. Inspecting, adventuring and looking for something fun to do. My goal was to end up at the Sears Tower (which I refuse to call the Willis Tower) and I wanted nothing more than to listen to Sufjan's The Seer's Tower at the top. It's my absolute favorite by him, and I felt that it would completely fit the mood up there. Well, we got there, we made it up and though it was thrilling, I completely forgot to listen being wrapped up in the excitement of everything. I even went in the glass box at the top! It was so so scary!!

Quote of the day: A random stranger was sensing a woman's fear of stepping out into the glass box and said, "Hey, no worries. I mean... it's just a glass box coming out the side of a tall building. No big deal." She didn't go.

Next, we headed over to the Wicker Park area. This is where I learned (the very important) lesson #9. No matter where you go, how close or how far, you're really just in Portland. I swear, I couldn't believe the similarities. I could imagine myself and my friends hanging out at any of those spots, just miles and miles away. Quite a strange feeling... I wanted to visit a little shop called Eskell that my best girl, Kala, had been selling earrings in. They had long been sold out (I was certain that would be the case), but I really wanted to check out the area and see what sort of customers were buying them! The store was an absolute stunner. I knew she would be happy to see her earrings there :)

I talked my sister into snapping ONE outfit shot, so this is it! That's all you get!

What I Wore:
Printed Dress: Thrifted
Woven Leather Belt: Thrifted
Woven Leather Purse: Thrifted
Monocle Necklace: Great-grandmother's
Clogs: ASOS

Next we headed out to do some shopping at the Magnificent Mile. I wasn't sold on going there, but I'm so glad we did. It was so much fun and we shopped ourselves silly. We were absolutely exhausted, when we realized we hadn't taken a photo of Wrigley Field for our mom. We set out on our final Chicago adventure and by the end of the night, exhaustion was fully set in. We headed to bed and rose early for our flight out :) I'll be back soon for the third post of my trilogy! A collection of items for the shop that I purchased on my trip and a list of reasons that I have to go back :) (Oh, and here's my last two learned lessons.)

#10. I liked the trip so much, I actually contemplated moving there. As I've said before, I would really love to live on the east coast, and although this isn't quite there, I really enjoyed it! However, I'd have to say goodbye to bangs forever. There's not a chance that bangs (or at least my bangs) would survive that sort of weather.

#11. All I need to do to finish a book is be trapped in one place, with no distractions, for a few hours. I am a professional book starter. I'll read them for maybe 30 minutes, two nights in a row and then they're gone forever. Some of the most interesting books I've ever read, I never finished! It's an outrage, particularly because I'm a finish-what-you-start kind of girl. To a fault. Well put me on a plane (with no in flight movie) for a few hours, and I will read, read, read :) I finished two books this weekend!

xo, Bruklyn


The Headless Mannequin said...

Crikey...I get serious vertigo just looking at the pictures of you in the glass box!! Lovely pics...that shop looks amazing. Will be pencilling it in if I ever make it to Chicago :)


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

all that clothes!!!!!!!!!!!! that place looks super chic:)

Georgia Rose said...

Oh man, I wanna spew looking at those photos of you up so high! You look lovely though, it looks like such an amazing trip.

Laura Nelson said...

The Sears tower is so cool! How fun, scary and exciting! !!

rachel said...

good travel outfit!

Caitlin said...

i would be terrified! i got dizzy just looking at that picture.

also.. i have that same dress! and i love it.

Markie said...

The Sear's Tower by Sufjan always reminds me of our high school sleepovers :)
I'm so proud of you for standing inside that glass box! But... no matter how proud I am of you... you are stinkin' NOT allowed to move to Chicago!

Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

wow, I love those glass box pictures, B! Though I am afraid of heights, I think it would be an awesome feeling to be in that little box looking down below. You look adorbs!

The Attic People said...

What amazing city views! And the thrift stores look very tempting! You look lovely in your printed dress :)

Jo said...

The shops look oh-so divine <3 And I love your dress! The print is gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

I love the dress on you! Looks like a great dress for travel and exploring. The glass box would have freaked me out too! And that store Eskell looks so incredible. I would love to visit one day.