I Still Love Yokoo

Hello all! I'm so very excited that this is my weekend! Good grief, it was such a long week and a huge relief that it's over! Tonight I got to head over to the studio to spend some time with Kala and we snapped a few outfit shots. I still love my Yokoo scarf! It's the most perfect, bright accessory for a neutral outfit :)

Dress: I've had it since high school :)
Tank: Same!
Jacket: Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue
Scarf: Yokoo
Bracelet: Aguiniga Design
Boots: Nine West

xo, Bruklyn

P.S. This is one of those amazing vintage pieces I would never want to let go of, and tonight I found two little holes in it, so guess what?! No feeling bad about keeping it! Haha.


bellydonut said...

I heart Yokoo too! You look adorable, I love that coat!

Markie said...

That coat is AWESOME.

Victoria said...

Amazing! Layering. love the coat and the sacrf is gorgeous! Brilliant styling dear. xx