Day 11: Shuffle!

Hello there :) So today, my mission was to put iTunes on shuffle and provide a list of the first 10 songs played. After the first few songs I thought it was going to be quite a playlist, but #10 threw a wrench in my plans. Haha. It could've been worse. Much worse...

1. Cat Power, Willie
2. Pedro the Lion, A Mind of Her Own
3. Iron and Wine, Lion's Mane
4. Neutral Milk Hotel, Where You'll Find Me Now
5. Cat Power, Angelitos Negros
6. M. Ward, Requiem
7. Sigur Ros, Intro
8. Damien Jurado, Denton, TX
9. Devendra Banhart, Dragonflys
10. Gwen Stefani, Luxurious

And here they are in a playlist! Unfortunately, a few weren't available, but there you have it :)

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