Day 10: Confession

Well I officially made it 10 days straight of blogging and it feels great! I'm actually getting the hang of this :) So, since today's topic was first love and first kiss, and I already went over that on Day 1 I thought I'd use this day to make a confession. I'm unsure if all Etsy sellers do this... it may just be me, but I completely base the prices of my items on how much I love them. The quality or brand has no matter (although I always fall in love with amazing quality or beautiful fabric). I always price my things based on how much I'd be willing to give them up for. So if you ever think an item in my shop is way overpriced, know that I'm in love :)

That said, I I'll share some more items that are coming to the shop this week...

Tomorrow night I'll have a fun playlist for you all!

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