Day 24: Five Cuties

Everyone's favorite post, right? Or at least a chance for me to be a total girl. So I'll be talking in my valley girl voice for this post:)

The Pretty Boy: Penn Badgley AKA Dan Humphrey

Well, everyone knows that I love me some east coast boy. Haha. And this one is prime pickin!

The Smarty Pants: Matthew Gray Gubler AKA Dr. Spencer Reid

His incredible wealth of knowledge... Also, my favorite middle name is Gray, so extra points for that!

Mr. Charm: Dave Annable AKA Justin

His smile is just... stupid. He's a big time crush for Kala and I :)

The Cake Baker: Geoff Manthorne

You may not take a second look at this guy, but just wait. Watch Ace of Cakes and fall deeply in love.... Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch it in years due to no cable, but seriously... man. Plus his sense of humor is fantastic. He makes the best math jokes. Ever.

Musical Genius: Devendra Banhart
Strong facial features, mess of hair and incredible musical ability. Yeah... Keeper.

Runners Up:

Jude Law. Duh.

Jake Gyllenhaal. Duh.

Ryan Gosling. No Doy!

Can you tell that I maybe have a type?

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Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

oh Ryan Gosling, my forever pretend boyfriend. he's just beautiful, just BEAUTIFUL. :)