Day 16: Mainstream Music

My feelings...

I'm not quite sure what this question is all about. Haha. It really depends on what you call mainstream :) The only radio station I listen to is NPR. And honestly, I rarely listen even to that. I have certainly gone through my fair share of musical phases.. of course, there was N*Sync :) then Eisley and the "hard-core screamo", and when I was finally burnt out by all the loud noise, I settled in to my true music love... soft, beautiful, mellow music :) Talk to me for a few moments and you'll probably know exactly what music I listen to. Lately I've been hearing a lot of my favorite bands on commercials, movies, etc. So I might consider that mainstream. If we're talking Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and the other current pop "musicians", I'm not particularly interested. Of course, they do have their time and place... driving on the freeway with your best friends at two in the morning...

My Last.fm Top 8:

P.S. I happen to love Justin Timberlake. Shhhhhh.

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