Day 14: Earliest Memory

Hello all! If you're still following along with me, I'm... well I'm surprised. But I'm also thankful! I really appreciate the feedback I've been getting and I hope I'm not boring you all to death with my last few posts. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this, though. So much so that I think I'll keep it up even when my 30 days are over! And hopefully come up with more interesting topics than this challenge is sticking me to :) Anyway...

My earliest childhood memory is one that, frankly, I can't even imagine is a real memory because I was so young. I have the absolute craziest, most vivid dreams on earth and always have, so I usually tend to think that things were just dreams. In this case, it actually happened and I didn't discover that it was a real occurrence until much later in life.

The one and only time I have ever left the continental United States was to go to Hawaii. When I was just shy of one year old. So thanks mom and dad for that. In any case, my family went on a vacation to Hawaii and while there, my hand was slammed in the very large door of a restaurant. I remember every detail of what that door looked like, the panicked look on my Grandma's face and the awful cries coming from my own self. I couldn't talk yet and there was no way to express how I felt. Now you see why I always thought it was a dream! I didn't even think that you could remember things that early, but apparently, my dad claims that he remembers getting his footprints done as a baby. Perhaps it just runs in the family :)

Now I know this wasn't the most exciting post and there's not even pictures! But tonight I plan to introduce you to my favorite of all my vintage dresses, so stick around :)

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