Day 13: Somewhere I'd Like to Move or Visit

Today's topic is one I've addressed a few times here. I tend to be quite happy where I am... so long as I'm surrounded by friends and family that I love, I really don't mind where I'm living. I currently live in Southern Oregon and Portland seems to be quite an easy transition.

I think it's such a great combination of city life mixed with gorgeous Oregon nature... a crafty little city where I have both friends and family and there are absolutely adorable homes! It does, however, have a few cons. One being that I've always wanted to live on the east coast. I went when I was in high school and absolutely fell in love. I know it would be so hard to move far away from my family, but I absolutely love it there. And I want a snow storm! Haha. So maybe I'll move to Portland, Maine? Or somewhere in Vermont... Who knows?! I just want to be surrounded with people that I care for and that's good enough for me :)

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