Day 3: Drugs & Alcohol

My views...

I never know quite what to say on this topic. There's obviously a distinction between legal and illegal drugs, and I take this stand on it... If it's illegal don't do it. If it is, it's your call. I personally make the choice to not use drugs. I even try to avoid Tylenol whenever possible. Obviously, that's not always possible and some drugs are necessary to our health.

My personal stand against drugs is a strong one. People always have some sort of argument regarding some exception, but frankly, I frequently find them to be excuses. That's not to say that all excuses are bad, but I've not known a person to take drugs and be positively affected. Whether it makes you happier, relieves pain, suppresses appetite, calms nerves, etc... people's lives, more often than not, are ruined.

I, occasionally, go out for drinks. I've never been drunk, which doesn't mean that I'm judging anyone who has, or does often. But I see how positively ridiculous people are after just a few drinks. I've seen people do things they absolutely never would sober, and I don't intend to be that person.

All that being said, I know how to have a good time without it. I live in a tiny town in Southern Oregon where people have nothing better to do than get drunk or high and do stupid things. But I find the time to do other things... Etsy, thrifting, spending time with my family and friends. My best friend and I often joke about how making Etsy sales or finding amazing vintage is our high :)

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