Thrifty Thursday

Hello everyone! Every Thursday, I would like to share with you a gift of mine. The gift of thrift :) I, for some reason, was blessed with this fantastic gene with which I can look past the bad and see good - in homes, in clothes, in people - and as a vintage seller it comes in handy. So each Thursday, I'll share some of these finds with you. Look past the terrible (sometimes painful) photos, awful styling and embarrassing photos, and see the beauty of the garment behind it. Today I'll be sharing a few Etsy items, and next week, we're moving on to Ebay (a.k.a. the world of lost listings)!

My first two selections are from the $5 section at Clara Peyton Vintage Clothier. $5!

Next is this beautiful Asian inspired dress for, again, $5 at Bicycle Vintage.

These are Goodwill prices!

Next, we have some amazing oxfords from Wallflower Vintage... $10

And finally, the bank breaker, these adorable leather clogs from Fancy Bantam, weighing in at $15...

That's it for today :) I recommend searching... I mean SEARCHING before making online purchases. Frequented shops can mark up items a hefty amount compared to the little unknown shops. Any thrifting pointers for me?

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Thrive on Novelty said...

Great shoes! xx

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