Well, it has been a fantastically productive day. It's my first day back with my computer AND internet AND a new photo editing program that certainly took some getting used to, but is super fun to mess around with. This means, of course, I finally got a few new things on Etsy and have more to add over the next few days.

For today, I give you a fun little project that's a great way to spice up some bookshelves, an end table, or some little corner in need of sprucing. All you need is a couple of empty wine bottles, a few colors of paint and some large feathers.

First, add a small amount of paint to the bottom of the bottle. Immediately add water and shake until the paint mixes with the water.

Stick your feather in the top of the bottle and you've got a fun little display :)

Helpful Hint: Heavy paint makes the color of water more saturated, where light paint causes the

water to be more clear so you can see the feather inside the bottle.

These are the few items that I posted on Etsy this evening...

Cavalier Riding Boots, $95

9 West Boots, $55

Woven Leather "Almost-Flats", $35

And, alas, I leave you with this. I know Ingrid Michaelson is all the rage right now, but I just never can get enough of this lovely song :)


Corrine Ava B. said...

I can't wait for my new boots :)

Read my newest blog entry!

Bruklyn Belle said...

Awe, that's so sweet! I cannot BELIEVE you deleted your blog! So sad :(

I've done that many times. Intentionally. And now I wish I could get them all back. Haha.