New Beginnings!

Well, this new year has brought on a number of new changes. Now I'm not all about new year's resolutions and things, I suppose these new things just happened to coincide with the new year. For instance, I've been dying for months to re-cut my bangs, but I've been waiting until after my friend Markie's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and TERRIFIED that if something went wrong with them I'd hate myself forever. So here they are...

Second, I started a new Etsy shop today! I'm very excited because it's a slightly different deal than what I have been doing. My first passion was interior design and I would still positively love to do anything in that field. Hence my new shop, Bruklyn Belle Home :) I've only got a couple of little things in there now, but I plan to have many more antiques. Also, some funky shadow boxes and art pieces for the home. Check out bruklynbellehome.etsy.com!
Last, I've been intending to post a picture of the MOST AMAZING painting my best friend gave me for Christmas. One of the first times I ever spoke with her was at an art show, where I fell in love with every piece of hers, and stated immediately that I wanted one. FINALLY, I have my own :) It completely made my Christmas. It's of one of my favorite photos of my favorite animal and it's just. Spectacular.

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