Irrational Me...

There is this incredible thing that happens to me on an almost-daily basis. In fact, you'd think I'd grow quite accustomed in my 21 years, but I find that I'll ever quite be comfortable in my own skin. It's every girl's problem, right? You couldn't find the right outfit, didn't have time to wash your hair, didn't get quite enough sleep... Actually, it could very well be that absolutely everything is going your way... It's just not quite right. Something feels not good enough. You look around to see your gorgeous, crafty friends and their adorable outfits and you're reminded of all your inadequacies. I remind myself (usually two or three times per week) that I am God's plan. He made me exactly as desired. So that should be enough, right?! I mean... I AM GOD'S PLAN! But I still seem to lose it sometime during the day. Making style boards at work, looking through magazines, blogs and the overwhelmingly depressing world wide web... Something hits me every day reminding me that I am not what I wish I was. Today I came across this picture and thought to myself... Does Zooey feel this way? Haha. Which I know seems silly. I just have to wonder. Do all of these people that I desire to look/be like feel the same way I do? Of course they do! Because they're human also! I need to remind myself that I'm not the only one feeling this way. There will always be something to improve upon. But as my fantastic best friend reminds me frequently, I need to be thankful for who I am and what I have now. Not who I will be what I will have. So the intention of this entry is to remind me of how silly I can be. Not particularly for anyone else's entertainment. But perhaps it will provoke a thought or two. We are exactly what we are to be. So why fret about it?


Doris Anne said...

you write and think so beautifully. I want your mind.

love you.

Bruklyn Belle said...

Well that's kind, but I firmly interject that NO YOU DO NOT! The whole reason I posted this silly blog is because I was finding myself envious of YOUR INCREDIBLE MIND!

But I love you too :)