Bijjaba, Uganda

This weekend I had the incredible opportunity to venture out to a village a few hours away. It was a completely new experience that I absolutely loved. Going such a small distance, the culture changed so much and our mission out there was great. We went for two open air crusades and a church plant, both of which are so different from anything I've seen in the States. Plus, I got to go out deeper into the village for a day and meet the people out there. It was absolutely beautiful and I could not have enjoyed it more.
The hardest part was seeing the need there. Sure, it's all around, but this was worse. So much worse. They're currently in a dry season that's lasted much too long. Their bananas are diseased and have produce no fruit, which means they have no food and no money. The overall feeling there is desperation. And the kids. Most of the kids are half naked, none of the kids have shoes. And they all have jiggers that have completely ruined their feet. It was so hard to see, but I absolutely know that there is something we can do about it. From the moment I saw, I knew this was my mission to complete. So I've started a fund-raiser to pay for shoes and treatment for these kids. I know I can only make a dent in the problem, but it's a dent that needs to be made. There are 400 kids that need help and shoes cost $2 each. $2! So I've set a goal of $1,000 to take back treatment and shoes. It can change these people's lives! I've decided to share because I know so many of you an spare $2, so please, share this link, donate if you can. These children appreciate it! Thank you so much!

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