My Sweet Friend, Agness

Hello everyone! I've been very busy around here, between interviews and house-hunting, there's not much down time, and when there is I'm exhausted. Even on days that aren't so busy I find my eyes getting heavy early in the day. Thus I haven't been doing much to keep people updated. But I'm trying! 

I wanted to share the greatest experience I've had with this precious little one, Agness. We met last year (you may remember her photos), and I was hoping to see her again on this trip, but I didn't have a clue of even her name, or if she still lived in the same area. 

[Taken on last year's visit.]

About a week into my visit, as we pulled away from the church one day, I saw her out on the steps of her home. When she saw me, her face lit up like I can't even describe and she came running out to wave as I drove down the driveway. 

The next day I brought her a picture of the two of us together and she introduced me to her family. Since then, each time I arrive at church they're waiting out on the porch. They come running for hugs and it absolutely warms my heart every time. There is something so special about that little family. 

Well, not so little family...

Anyway, aside from that I don't have too many photos to share quite yet. I was almost frustrated by it until I realized that I've only been here two weeks! I feel like it's been so much longer, but the experience of living here longer term has meant not doing so many things every single day (conferences, visiting schools, hospitals, etc.)  Hard to believe that on my last visit I was already heading home. This week we're continuing the search for a home and next week we're going out to the village for four days! I'm truly so excited to see what the Lord does there.

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