Where, Where, Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone! So good to be back! I've been on a semi-permanent hiatus for a while now, and I'm not making any promises about being back or not, but I've really been missing this world lately :) So many many things have changed in my life lately and I feel behind in everyone else's as well! This summer has been COMPLETELY packed. Between work, vacation and, well.... being outside, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for anything else. I even took a break from selling on Etsy for a while there.

In any case, I'm back for the time being. At least until I get completely overwhelmed again. Haha. Update me on your lives! What's been going on?! This is what I've been up to....

(Forgive the ensemble of Instagram photos. I brought my camera NOWHERE this summer.)

Solar Eclipse | Dog Walks


Much Needed Vacation | Amazing Birthday


Incredible Concerts | Beautiful Fireworks

Gipedo <3

New & Amazing Guitar | New & Amazing Couch

Recreating Childhood Photos

Best Friendssss | First Watercolor Ever!

My Sweetest Mollie Sue & Moses Baker

New Jewelry Designs

It's clearly been a busy summer for ME. Now update me!

xo, Bruklyn

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Stefanie said...

As much as I like reading daily blog posts I also like reading posts like these. I like all the photos BUT the Gipedo one is adorable! :) GIPEDO....Well anything Disney is good in my book. :)