Shop Update & Chicago Trip!

Hello all! I really should be sleeping right now, as I'm heading off to Chicago at 3:50 tomorrow morning! Haha. But instead, I'd like to share a little shop update with you :) These are some of my absolute favorite pieces that I've ever had in the shop and I'm so excited to share!

Estelle, $56

Emma, $65

Anastasia, $195

Odessa, $30

Tessa, $35

Wilma, $28

Reiley, $25

Not Yet Listed

WELL, it's 11:47 and I have to be waking up very soon, so I need to head to bed :) I'll be back soon to share all the fun I had on my trip!

xo, Bruklyn


rachel said...

great choices for the store! you make them all look great...

PuppyLovePrincess said...

your little black peep-toe shoes are adorable!!!

Georgia Rose said...

Oh wow, the Reiley is stunning! Curse this shopping ban. Also, I'm a new reader and just wanted to say I adore your blog, especially your lovely outfit posts. You've got a firm follower here :)

DalenaVintage said...

Some beautiful pieces, I especially love the detailing on the Estelle dress.