Hello all! Sorry I've been a bit of an absent blogger as of late. This past week has been a crazy one for me and I'm sort of catching up on everything.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I had a couple of shows (jokingly referred to as my "megatour") that left me lacking sleep. They were my first two of the year, which is always a bit nerve racking, and they were with a couple of new gals that I've never played with before, leaving me extra edgy. The first one didn't go quite as well as hoped, but the second was fantastic! It totally prepared me for the summer rush :)

Unfortunately, we only got "real" photos at the first show, and only one phone picture at the second, but here they are :)

Show #2 :)

The rest of the week I've been catching up on sleep! It was a rough few nights there, but I hope to be back blogging very soon :)

xo, Bruklyn


Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

you play guitar too! your my hero!!!
teach me ;)

bellydonut said...
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Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

wondered why I hadn't been seeing you in the www lately. p.s. any links for your music? I'd love to get a listen!

Bruklyn Belle said...

Haha. Oh heavens, my guitar playing abilities are anything but heroic. I taught myself to play and it's quite unimpressive.

I've also been considering posting a video somewhere around here, so maybe in the near future :)

xo, Bruklyn