Fancy Nails

Hello all! Tonight, i have for you, the best idea ever on earth. I'm such a sucker for cute nails, but am also AWFUL at doing my own nails. This is the cutest and easiest thing ever! I found it on Tumblr, proof of my existence, to be more accurate. So here's the finished product...

Now those aren't my nails, but mine happen to look adorable too! So all you do is this...

1. Paint your nails with a nice, light color. I personally used a pinkish mauve color that's darker than what's used in that photo.

2. Rip squares of newspaper or phonebook pages that are slightly larger than your nail size.

3. Wait until they are completely dry, then soak them in alcohol. I used a Q-tip on mine.

4. Put a square onto each nail individually and soak them in alcohol. Press down on the paper to make sure that the print stays on the nail, then slowly remove it.

5. Wait until it dries, then use a clean Q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove the excess ink, leaving the letters behind.

6. Put a top coat over the nail and enjoy the finished product!

It's absolutely adorable :) Just a word of advice... don't do this in bed. You may end up like me with a bottle of alcohol all over your mattress. It doesn't smell great. Also, the left hand turned out significantly darker than the right hand because of my right-handedness. Don't be surprised if it happens to you too :)

xo, Bruklyn


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

Hahaha oh no! I haaaaaaate the smell of alcohol! Well whoever nails these are they look amazing! I love this idea! I don’t know if I’d use it (just because I teach and play guitar my nails are always getting messed up), but if I ever do – I’ll link you:)

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

what a grand idea!
i so suck at doing my own nails! I may have to try this :)

Bruklyn Belle said...

Guess what guys! I'm awful at doing my nails and even I could do it! Haha. It's really not hard at all. And I play guitar as well! I've been playing all night and it hasn't effected them at all yet. I did play for a bit last night right after I did them, which was a poor decision. I scraped some polish off of one of the nails. But aside from that, they're good to go :)