Day 8: Cherished Moments

A moment I've felt most satisfied with my life...

I know this is sort of cheating the topic, but I have had so many amazing memories in my life and I thought I'd share a few that were precious to me rather than one. It's just too hard to choose!

My first musical performance:

This was my first time actually performing in front of people. For real. Many of my friends were there and many that I don't know, including the incredible Johnny Marr, it's the one name that I have to drop :) My best friend and I drove up to Portland and played with my incredible friend, Joel Swensen at the cutest little coffee shop, Red E. It was a moment that I truly thought would never come and it felt really great.

Out on a ledge:

I am absolutely terrified of heights. Not necessarily inside, but outside... eek. One day a group of friends and I went on a hike near our home, nothing too crazy, but quite fun. Anyway, when we were at the top my friend suggested that we go out on a ledge to take photos. We could only go one at a time for a lack of space and a drop off at the edge. It was awful. AWFUL. But when all was said and done I felt so accomplished. It was one of my favorite moments!

Every trip to the Oregon coast/Redwoods that I've ever taken :

There's a reason my blog is full of pictures of the Oregon coast. I absolutely love going. Here in Southern Oregon it's only about an hour and a half drive through one of the most beautiful places on earth... the Redwoods. I get quite car sick these days, which is unfortunate, but I still love every moment on each trip. I go frequently with my family and friends and each trip is so spectacular.

Renegade San Francisco:

Although my trip to Renegade wasn't exactly for me, I feel that it was one of the most amazing trips of my life! For so many reasons, I feel that my relationship with my best friend, Kala Noel, grew so much during that time. I was so proud of her in so many ways and it was such magical trip :)

My new studio space:

Getting into my new space was an absolute dream come true! I used to run my entire Etsy shop out of my bedroom and it is such a relief to have my own room again :)

If I were able, the list would go on for ages, so I'll stop here :)


Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

SO cool that you performed, I would *love* to have the talent of playing an instrument and singing. Also, that picture of you on the ledge couldn't get any more adorable! It's neat that you faced one of your fears, probably made you a braver person too! :)

Bruklyn Belle said...

Thanks so much! I was actually disappointed to not find a picture actually on the ledge, but you can sort of see it in the upper right hand corner :) It certainly made me braver, but I'm still a wimp! Or more accurately, a klutz and somewhat wise for my caution. Haha.