Day 22: Education

Good evening everyone! I just got home from a great night full of speed Scrabble and friends discussing the awful but oh so good television shows we used to love (and sort of still do). Unfortunately, no photos, but tonight I will finally address the topic of day 20... how important is education?

Is this a real question?! Obviously, I believe that early education is critical in life. Unfortunately, I think that America's educational system is a failing one. Starting in elementary school, the level of education is on a constant down slope. Fantastic teachers are inadequately paid or terminated to make way for completely uninterested teachers who are, inevitably, uninspiring. Three months into my senior year of high school I didn't think I could handle another day, and by the time I graduated all of my favorite teachers were gone. Thankfully I made it through, but I'd already known that I wasn't incredibly interested in going to college. Deciding between a career in interior design and opening my own store, I didn't think it was necessary. I absolutely believe that college is perfect for some and AWFUL for others.

I, personally, have no regrets about not going to school. Even when my grandma asks if I'm taking classes every time we talk. (On a side note, now I'm actually interested in going to school. I'd love to take some math classes because I've always been so fascinated with math and actually quite good at it.) Anyway, I think people put so so much value on a college education. I went from high school to working in a board shop/boutique. I now, five years later, am the manager and help with buying and have my Etsy shop and studio! I have gotten an incredible amount of experience in running my own shop, without massive college loans. I'm on my way to a fantastic future with a high school diploma :)


Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

amen sister!
my husband has several degrees and always says what are you going to tell our children(when we have them) when they ask why you didnt finish college.
im doing what i love and its my passion, sure i could have gone to college and learned but im learning everyday. I may or may not go back to finish my two math classes(which im horrible at) just to get my associates.
college isnt for every one, but i applaud those who have finished and continue to seek a higher education :)

Bruklyn Belle said...

I totally agree. I forgot to mention that, but I wanted to say that I totally commend those who want to further their education. I absolutely think that it's an incredible thing to do with your life and knowledge is power! Just not for me :)