Day 6: Getting to Know Me

30 interesting facts about myself...

1. I once saw Paula Abdul on the streets of New York.
2. I dislike many foods, most surprisingly, pizza.
3. I once drove naked for about 40 miles with my best friend, Kala Noel :)
4. Ron Jeremy was the first man to ever touch my rear.
5. I'm obsessed with Scrabble, crossword puzzles and any other game that could possibly involve words.
6. My hair is naturally black and curly.
7. It once caught on fire at my own birthday party.
8. I have a tattoo on each wrist... alpha and omega, to represent God's presence at the beginning and end of all things and His existence in me and my life.
9. I completely base my opinion of almost everyone I meet on their handshake.
10. I love architecture and design and constantly dream of building and decorating homes.
11. Deer are my power animals.
12. Both of the two cars that I have owned were manuals and I learned to drive on the way home from purchasing my first. I firmly believe that all men should know how to do so as well.
13. I'm incredibly picky about condiments and only like the ranch dressing from Subway.
14. I taught myself to play guitar and now do small shows around Oregon. Perhaps I'll share a song sometime :)
15. I love math and would spend every day learning more about it if I had the choice. Unfortunately, I don't have the choice and I'm not quite as apt in the subject as I'd wish.
16. I have absolutely the cheesiest sense of humor and laugh at all of my own jokes.
17. One of my best friend's fondest memories of first meeting me was the first time I ever straightened my hair. With a clothing iron...
18. I once broke completely through my humerus.
19. I absolutely HATE earwigs.
20. I love baseball for so many reasons... the fun of a live game, the physics and statistics, the super hot baseball players in their awesome uniforms ;)... all but the food. And I have always wanted to be one of those girls who could go to a game and have a hot dog, or nachos. That's just not me.
21. I have an awful habit of getting stuck in front of the television. It's bad.
22. I smell everything. A few of my favorite smells are a fresh new box of Burton socks, rubber hoses and all autumny-scented candles.
23. I have a collection of busts of girls covering their ears. They go along with a set of boys who are playing the trumpet, but I left them behind :)
24. I have always wished that I was born black.
25. I strongly dislike being alone.
26. Although I've been to quite a few states, I've never left the U.S.
27. I frequently play games by myself. And I don't mind.
28. I have a boxer named Mollie who, essentially, is my child. She's amazing.
29. My teeth are quite small.
30. I've worked at a board shop for five winter seasons and have never gone snowboarding.

I hope that was somewhat interesting for all of you :) And I have a super fun blog idea that I'll be sharing in just a bit. Stay tuned!


rin baker said...

You're ahead of me on this challenge, I blame...the blizzard hitting us right now! One day we should hang out, and you should straighten my hair with a clothing iron. it sounds serene.

Bruklyn Belle said...

Hahaha. It was the silliest thing :) Long ago I had no such thing as a straightening iron :) ALSO... I blame it on the fact that you have a child and a life! Haha.

rin baker said...

child, yes. life, no! ;P

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

#4 and #24 hahahaah WHAT!
OMG Your crazy silly, love it! :)
look forward to catching up on your blog