Oregon Coast Trip

Yesterday evening, as my family was decided on our plans for the day, we reminisced on the days when we used to take family trips every Sunday and decided to bring it back... the Sunday drive. We headed to the coast for a break from the heat and it was a positively gorgeous and cool day over there.

It was my first day trip with my new camera and I took hundreds of photos. There were so many amazing photos that I was mulling over the entire drive home. Thinking of what I might do with them - make an album or something. So I get home, start loading pictures, and somehow over HALF OF THEM go missing! It was tragic! There was one particular photo of my dad and I that I positively loved... Gone :( I was planning on splitting all of these photos up into three posts, but since there aren't all that many, I'll just make one HUGE photo post. Enjoy :)


Pawi Macarena said...

wow, great shot :) and it seems tha you had a really great time :) that's awesome.
I loved your blog a lot so now i am following you :)

have a nice day and visit my blog :)!!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

sweet family pics. How did the other ones go missing? That is the worst feeling. :( sorry to hear.
those flowers are gorgeous!

Bruklyn Belle said...

Thanks! I was actually super sad because my dad and I went on this great little adventure where I saw some amazing flowers that I had never even seen before! They were so beautiful.