The Good and the Bad

Today was full of ups and downs... Beginning with an AMAZING morning of vintage finds. From Frye and Nine West boots, to Michael Kors clogs to beautiful leather bags. Unfortunately, I've been taking all of my most recent photos with my new camera on the RAW setting which, to my dismay, is practically impossible to convert without downloading a program. Since I want to hold out and find a reliable one, all of these items may not be available on my Etsy for a couple of days :(

On the brighter side, tomorrow evening I get to spend a lovely night out in Jacksonville at the Britt Festival with some great friends, watching the Swell Season perform. My best friend introduced me to their music quite some time ago through the soundtrack to their movie, Once. Their music is astounding, their movie is one to watch over and over and I get to see them tomorrow night, accompanied by friends and picnic :)



Hopefully I'll have photos to share for you all soon!


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

Pretty...I like.

Kelly said...

Just wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for an award! :)

<3 Kelly

Liu said...

I like your blog :)
Please visit mean too, and maybe we can follow eachother!

Take care dear blogger
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