Productive Day :)

From the moment I woke up this morning I just wanted to go back to bed! Unfortunately, I had many plans and had to work. But the day went by super quickly and I had a great opportunity to get some new Etsy packing supplies.

I then went and got some tea to calm myself down and head to bed early. Fantastically enough, I forgot to get decaf and therefore am blogging at 2:00 AM. Woohoo! I've spent the past few hours re-designing my Etsy page, and though we'll see in the morning, I'm temporarily loving it :) I thought I'd show a couple of things I've currently got listed and promise a fun blog tomorrow! One full of things that I am dying to own...

White Leather Lace-Up Booties Sz 6, $32

60s Blue Peekaboo Heels Sz9.5, $28


Darling L said...

Nice shoes! :)

Bruklyn Belle said...

Thanks! I'm wishing those stinking blue ones were my size! :)